I am sorry, but I like having LOTS of clothes. Perhaps, I’m just used to it, but leaving my precious pieces at home wasn’t difficult when I left, but now, I have clothing nostalgia. (When I was in France, I had food nostalgia.) There are a few items I haven’t wore yet, but they’re mostly athletic and not work appropriate.

Speaking of work clothes, here the office attire is quite interesting. At the moment, I am wearing jeans and a top that I would consider more “modest clubwear” than office style. This is the first time I’ve worn jeans b/c it’s usually so hot but today it’s pouring. Usually, the ladies don’t wear skirts b/c that will make them darker faster. Too bad no one clued me in during my first couple of weeks so my legs are DARK below the knee.

I am close to cracking on buying some “HAWT” shoes and a slinky top that is just so cool but somewhat similar to all my other thin, precious tops at home. If I can bargain it down to $5, I may go for it. Oh my shoes! I miss them even though I couldn’t wear all of them over here. I only have one pair of dressy sandals here and it’s just not enough.

Maybe I should put this post in the Girls, girls, girls section…

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