The Wonder Boys

I think they’re like the Hardy Boys and they work at WONDER Cafe which is a hip n chic place where Vietnamese go for coffee, shakes, smokes, and wireless internet! At least, that’s MOSTLY the reason why I go there.

They wear red button up tops and red baseball caps and khakis I think. The first time I went there, I met this super cute Wonder Boy (or Boy Wonder) and I’ve been trying to strike up conversation ever since. But how does a girl who’s supposed to be demure and shy (typical VN style) do this? I cycle by on my way to work and today he gave me a wink! My goal is to get a picture b/c I can’t just ask him for his name and number. Too bad for me living in this different culture. 🙁

Ahhh the Wonder Boys and my Boy Wonder 🙂

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