The party last night Oct.25/06

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony for University of Queensland (UQ in Australia) graduates of the UD–UQ Masters Program. It was held at the Furama Hotel (swankiest in the city) but honestly, the Furama looks like any other big beach resort you’d find anywhere else in the world = it has no Vietnamese charm or FOOD! There was moussaka and I had plain potato chips at the bar, but the only inkling of VN food was the jellyfish salad (but it was GOOD).

I made the best of the situation and so that meant drinking lots of Aussie wine! Yeah! Problem was that ppl were slow to get to the food so I was feeling it as I participated in the grad ceremony on the stage. Good thing I wasn’t really tipsy but mmmm it was good.

And I spoke English, lotsa English w/ Aussies and met doctors and accountants and MAs and PhD candidates etc. Twas quite good! And one of the Aussie ladies wants to hook me up with a Viet Kieu (overseas VNese) who works at the East Meets West Foundation (non profit started by an VN-American woman — her book’s on my list). And this lady sounds just like Boomerang (Kylie) Kwan from the Food Network. I networked lots and really, I am a natural at this!

Sooooooooooo fun not soooooooo drunk and soooooooo great to have finally burst on the expat academic scene. I’ll prob observe some of their classes at the new English Institute on campus and have cycling partners now. yah!

As for the official report of this “work event” look out for my professional blog which will be ready shortly.


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