Settling in

Hi again and again and again,
Mann, I do love it here! Today was an exciting day at work where I gave a speech and was a VIP. For all the details from work from now on, please see

This time, I wore traditional dress but fit in! Yipee!

Rain is a good thing: I’m so used to it from Vancouver so I actually like it even when it’s (usually) pouring! And you know what, when it rains, there’s no need for face masks and the like. All you need is a waterproof covering and umbrella and you’re set 🙂

And today, I even got a ride from my favourite Wonder Boy home b/c he saw me walking in the rain! SCORE!

So I’m totally into living here. Milkshakes are a highlight of my life here so when I bought a blender, my units of happiness were instantly increased by a tenfold! In fact, in my kitchenless apartment, I now have a rice cooker, water boiler, BLENDER, juice press and fan. All this for under $40 CAN and so I’m rolling in pure bliss! Whoever visits gets a free milkshake made by yours truly.

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