On being pale part II

Today, I wore the full Danangian regalia: long gloves, face mask, hat, AND stockings and you know what, that’s what one has to wear if one wants to stay pale. Actually, I don’t wear it much – only at lunchtime – and if you’re cycling or on a motorbike, it’s not a big deal cuz of the wind. AND I’m actually going to buy a full face and neck covering b/c I just can’t stand getting any darker! Two weeks later, I am converted. Sorry to all you cold Canadians, but I am now a dark VNese person and I don’t like it one bit!

Actually, yesterday a group of Thai came to visit UD and I noticed that all the men were really, really dark and some of the ladies were beautifully pale. I am somewhere in the middle and want to regain whiteness. It’s weird though cuz these pale women end up marrying these dark men. I don’t think the ladies prefer their husbands to be dark but there are hardly any pale men. What can you do?

One more thing why is it that what gives us light – the sun – also makes us so dark? Sheesh!

  1. Terry Tran on

    Ca(Thy): Your “pale” thingy, is that beer and ale drinkers’ lingo for “fair skin”? At the roots of many cultures including Vietnamese is this notion of “fair skin=high class”, etc. Enjoy your adventure and thank you for sharing.