They see me rollin’ (joke 22)

Salut mes amis!

Did I mention that I was lonely on Saturday? Well, after this weekend, I think I’ll never have alone time again! I HAVE FRIENDS! AND THEY’RE REAL! AND I THINK THEY LIKE ME!

So I moved again on Sunday into a real house w/3 floors. It’s small, narrow but equipped w/a karaoke machine so all you “potential” fence sitters will now come to the “dark” side and visit me right? Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I’ll be having a housewarming in a couple weeks I think.

As for now, I met a SUPER duper nice Japanese boy who’s my age and speaks VNese like well, a real VNese! Everyone thinks he’s VNese and everyone thinks I’m JPese! Oh well! He’s going swimming w/me this afternoon and we’re running tomorrow. Yesssssssssss! But we’re really just friends cuz actually, he’s 9 mnths younger! hahahahhaahaha! But I’ve seen him run and he also plays bball and badminton! OH yeah!

And then there’s this sweet Saigonese gal I met yesterday and she also knows Abe, the JPese boy so we’re just having fun and she likes sports too.

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