East Meets West Foundation

G’day! I met the engineers at EmW foundation and also the director who could potentially give me a job after I’m done at the uni and all went pretty well.

They are the big non-profit in town, and everyone knows them so I’m glad I now know them too. They’re also just ’round the corner and we do work together and so I think I’ll get to go on site visits to their dental clinics, hopital, orphanages, village sites etc.

AND they said “I am among friends here”. I have a bet running w/the director on getting the “mute” guy, Duc, in the group to go swimming with me in the next two weeks. If I can get it done, I get motorbike lessons courtesy of Nam and kudos from the boss which may lead to a job! Go Cathy! BTW Duc’s “checking out the pool” with me today so I personally think I’ll will win the bet today or w/in this week.

And this is where Mimi works so I’m like family! Yipee!

  1. I enjoyed this evening w/ u and ur friend. Tks!
    Glad to c u.
    I’m going to Hanoi this friday but comming back to Danang on the same day. So, c u Saturday!
    My best friend Wasabi (his nick name, u met this evening) will play “Sanshin”, Japanese guitar, famous in “Okinawa” district.

    U can meet ur favorite or the “acceptable” boy!