Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam

Cheerio! With Marisa and Shueey (Aussie mate) in tow, I spent a rainy day in Hue. You’d think it’d be easy to get there when you look in the Frommer’s Guide, go to the tourist office, and wait for your car, but this is VN, and nothing is straightforward!

The car we rented had a few problems:
– It was leaking exhaust b/c we could smell it, but it didn’t leak enough for us to go delirious.
– The passenger side door could only be opened from the outside, and there was a perma crack b/w the window and the door so it never was fully closed.
– We had hoped for a CD player and had expected A/C, but instead, the speedometer didn’t even work, and the driver had to put in his own clock b/c the car didn’t have one! We think we might have been putting our lives into a bit of danger at this point.
– It was pouring for most of the day, and the backseats were damp so we think s/thing must’ve been missing b/w the seats and the bottom of the car.
– Our driver didn’t know Hue so we had to use our tourbook and give him directions on where we wanted to go. We felt like backpackers, but with a car!

Vietnam Field School 072

It was dangerous but oh so fun…on the way back, we made sure we had stocked up on HUDA, Hue beer, and asked if our driver had lights that worked, knew how to change a tire, and would drive slowly. I also had cellphone reception for most of the ride just in case…

The city tour for us was a grey, wet mess. But the city had lots of history and ancient tombs of the past rulers of the Nguyen (my surname!) Dynasty. IT was a fun little ego boost for me to see my last name plastered all over the place, and yes, even though I was wet, I kinda felt like royalty.

Upon returning to Danang, I discovered that for the same price, I could have had a nice Mercedes van if I had rented from another place. Gotta luv that!!! It was a one-time deal and at least I had good company. As MK likes to say: Ghettofabulous!

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