Wedding bells ring!

It’s been two months and I’ve been to five weddings I believe. VN ppl tend to get married earlier than we do in Canada and it seems that every weekend in Danang, there’s at least three celebrations going on per day.

BUT I made a promise to myself after the second one that I would sing at the next one. Then conveniently, I was invited to a colleague’s wedding so I chose an “old” hit from my boyband days and practised Westlife’s “My Love” until I almost didn’t like the song anymore. It’s a big hit in VN and so my colleague was thrilled that I would sing it at her wedding. This is how it panned out:

Usually weddings in Danang take place midday. Her wedding was on a Saturday. On that morning before 11am (wedding and singing time) I proceeded to go swimming with a dear VNese couple at 5am, go house hunting and ride my motorbike in heels for the first time at 8am, smash a glass bottle of Coke which jabbed my foot and bled profusedly until my flip flops were stained red at 10am, lose my motorbike keys at 10:30 and arrive at the wedding w/my Saigon suitcase b/c I had to leave early.

But the singing went well, and three ppl actually gave me roses!

wedding singer

When s/o asks me what I do in my spare time, I just say that I go to weddings and really, I’ve only known the new couple 1 out of 5 times so far. I even went to one as part of my work at the university with the Australian students.