Brain teasing

Have you even been so busy that you forget what you do in one day? I don’t know if I would call myself “busy” but I am definitely preoccupied and in the midst of doing a thousand things. My sisters are coming to VN and that means lots of prep work on my part to ensure that they have an awesome time. It also means booking plane tix and hotel rooms etc. and it is not that easy when you have to work, move, meet ppl for coffee, and update blogs. Excercise is out the window and my only hope for peace has to be for January. Hopefully by then, I’ll be stable, in my own place, and ready to work harder, play tennis, teach French, and basically live in Danang. December is bound to be a crazy month so here’s my little stress reliever rant. It’s also not that hot right now with this crazy wind, but at least, there’s no typhoon. I’m off to Saigon again but this time, with a more touristy intention. I can’t believe I’ll see my sisters soon!

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