Murder on the bathroom floor

Why do the bugs follow me wherever I go?

I’ve just moved again after passing a few glorious weeks in a bug-free zone (my American friends had their place exterminated), I’ve moved on to another friend’s house. However, it’s a big place and I’ve been designated a room that faces the outside streets and has not had anyone live in it for awhile. I was pleased to finally settle in (I still haven’t found a place of my own though b/c of my crazy schedule) and just as I was going to take a shower, I moved the curtain and saw smthg brown and fuzzy: SPIDER and the biggest one I’ve ever been in a room with! Ahhhhhhhh! Good thing I knew where the RAID (my new best friend) was. I ran out to get it and then chased this creepy crawly and soaked it w/pesticides but b/c it was mighty big with a fierce and fat body, it didn’t die but kept running and climbing the bathroom walls. Finally it went in the corner where the toilet plunger lay and so I covered it with the plunger. Nasty! It didn’t die and I could still hear it scratching at the plunger…….I wanted to die!

Then I heard other buggy noises and saw giant cockroaches trekking into the bedroom. These guys are almost two inches long with nasty WINGS and long legs. RAID got them but they shake when they die and it’s sooooooooooo gross! At the end of the war, I killed 10 roaches and their carcasses are still lying all over the place. HELP ME!

  1. Hi Cathy,
    Do the comments reach you?

    I laughed so much when I read this entry a while ago (came to the office over the office closure to catch up with lots of e-mail), couldn’t let this one go without saying thank you for your charming description of life in Vietnam. Glad you’re keeping a blog…

    When are you coming back home? Will we see you again?

    Still thinking about you and your new adventures and wondering how you’re faring in a new country. I don’t envy you the bugs, however. Vancouver/Lower Mainland has had 14 wind and nasty storm since November, sometimes 2/week.

    Stanley Park is unrecognisable in parts. 2,300 trees were felled or uprooted by super-strong winds, sometimes over 100KM/hour some as old and Christopher Columbus expedition to Canada.

    Work is super busy, so the days go by quickly.
    Take care!
    Celine at CGA