Saigon đẹp lắm, Saigon ơi!!!!

Hey again, I’m squeezing in blog time as I wait for a ride to Binh Dinh for a working visit with an Australian university group.

So last weekend, I went to Saigon to pick up Marisa although I couldn’t really pick her up so she had to start her VN vacation by going to the hotel herself, but she got there and so did I.

Saigon is fabulous for a visit! I was feeling like the Danangian bumpkin who went to the big city and I went wild. Meaning, I shopped, bought shoes, got a stylish haircut at Happy Time!, went to a great sauna/massage place, ate French pastries, went to cool lounges and clubs, and met cute boys….What else can I say but it was awwwwwwwwwwsome! When I went back to Danang w/Marisa in tow, everyone thought I had changed something but actually, almost everything was new and improved. Man, good times are to be had in that bustling city!

And I get to go back soon to pick up my sisters 🙂

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