A whole lot busier I am!

When the social/personal and professional life collide, I cannot update my blog!

So in the last couple weeks, I bought a motorbike who’s also named Cathy, had my best friend visit, went to Saigon, got a haircut and nails done, saw Vietnam as a traveller again, and also made progress professionally.

So, b/c I am homeless, I decided to buy a bike although I don’t have a license, have never been on a scooter before, don’t even know where to buy a helmut etc….Slightly dangerous I know, but didn’t s/o say that the only way to improve is jump right in?
I’m learning by doing and well, within the first two days, I had a flat tire, smashed my left blinker, and ran out of petrol but since then, I’ve been cruising! I’ve even driven w/two ppl on the back of the bike and ppl say that I am quite the safe driver!

This may seem crazy for North Americans but it’s all in good fun. I will get my licence as soon as I take the test so that will be great 🙂



  1. Junella on

    Reading your blog is a good way to prep for the letting-go I will have to do when I get to VN 😉