On the road again….

Salut les amis 🙂
Honestly, friends are good to have. So far, I’m met mostly the good in Danang and surprisingly don’t have to worry about much. When you’re a foreigner, sometimes you take risks that you wouldn’t when at home. Most of my “decisions” have not gotten me into any trouble……

Until now! I have just been booted out of my house and am now homeless and staying with friends for the rest of the month. What a story: basically, the land “girl” asked for 6 months rent on Monday and on Wednesday, she asked for her house back. Then on Wednesday night, I see a rat in the house and am ready to leave anyway. I spend the next couple nights with the lights on and fans whirling, hoping to scare away the mouse/rat/monster.

Unfortunately, I had to wait until Monday to make the move. All seems pretty good until the actual money transaction and the physical moving of my stuff. My land “girl” (young and with issues) semi-stalks me on the weekend and asks when I’m leaving. I was just waiting for keys to a friend’s house and trust me, I was happy to leave.

But then when we discuss money, she wants to withhold $50 for electricity and water when I only stayed in her place for 12 days, and in Vietnam, that’s more than enough for an entire month. She should’ve actually refunded my entire fee, but that was just not meant to be. After 4 hours of drama and negotiations with my colleages, she agrees to return the money. My colleagues say that it is likely that she spent the money already or does not want to give it back to me. (I just don’t understand this, but this kind of thing happens I hear.) Three of my colleagues go home with me to pack and wait for her. She then asks to delay payment, but when I refuse, she says she’ll come. An hour later, she arrives and of course has to check the house for damages etc. (I was the only thing damaged in the house at this point.) Then we count out the money and finally, it’s in my hands. Then her sister and one of my gentle and very polite colleagues get into a shouting match. It was ugly and so I just want to get out of there. We finally go and when I get to my friend’s house, there’s no ants and hardly any place for bugs or mice to climb in. Ahhhhhhhhhh peace at last!

So at the end of the day, it was a blessing in disguise b/c of the mouse, ants, and other creepy crawlies (once, fruit flies filled the entire rice cooker!) and scary business that came along with that place. So I had to say goodbye to the fish and the karaoke machine (pretty sad), but the tradeoff is worth it. Now I have a potential safer and cheaper place to go in December (convenient location and no rats) and I get to housesit in a house near the beach for awhile. One day, I’ll be able to settle in my own bed and relax, but for now, I’m just happy to be far away from that drama. I know I’ll never get my deposit back but whatever, I’m free at last and have not see ants or mice near me for two whole days 🙂

  1. Michelle Nguyen on

    Did you know that our mother has told me to tell you that you should not have a boyfriend in Vietnam? Sheesh, I guess no one is allowed to have one any where!


  2. Hi Cathy,

    I stumbled across your blog while I was searching the internet for something else. Travel-related yes, but not Vietnam related. Not this time anyhow. Vietnam is on my “as-yet-unvisited-country” list. I’ve been in the region (i.e. SE Asia).

    Anyhow, nice to discover your site. Enjoy your adventure – bugs, mice, and shady land-ladies not withstanding!

    Oh, speaking of mice, do you want to read a rat story?

    Anyhow, have fun.

  3. Nguyet Vi on

    Hi, Cathy.

    I am very delighted to know that you are a friend of Abe_san and my bosses, Mr. Aikawa & Mr. Ryo when I take a look at Mr. Ryo’s blog.

    I am a student in the night class of Marceloos Course which you came and talk and talk to for 2 times :). Danang is small, isn’t it ???

    Nguyet Vi

  4. Oooooooooohhhh Great!!!

    I can take a dinner with so wonderful ladies, if you two want.

    I hesitated to tempt Vi into taking a dinner because of thinking about our another staffs.


  5. Nguyet Vi on

    Oh, my boss !!!!!
    Come oooooooooooon ! Plzzzzzzzzzzz !!!
    Plese understand that it is not easy to make appointment with wonderful ladies like Cathy and …. I 🙂 ??? haha… . (joke)
    Cathy and Ryo_sama I will be available in the evening of Saturday and Sunday. Saturday or Sunday, or both is OK for me 🙂 🙂
    Thanks and look forward to the meeting.
    Nguyet Vi

  6. This Saturday, that is today evening, I am to go an Italian restaurant with Japanese.
    He invited me because he know that I like red wines.
    If the atmosphere good, I will invite you 2 another Saturday. Also, Abe-san.

  7. I’d join the party, but I’m in Canada…

    Oh wait, I wasn’t invited. Oops. *look of embarrassment*