Vietnamese Lessons!

OH Abe san! Basically I’ve been wanted to study Vietnamese but couldn’t find a teacher believe it or not. Yes, I work at the UNI with many professors but no, I could not find one to teach me VNese! Anyway, why didn’t I think of this earlier: just ask the JPese guy who speaks VNese better than you do and surely, he’ll be able to help! Yup, that’s right: he has a VNese prof who also teaches Russian — how cool is that?

So we went to class together yesterday, Sunday, and it was sooooooooooo fun! I know some ppl think I’m rather geeky in class, but Abe is a uber nerd but sooooooooo good (and cute too) in VNese and can write so much better than I can. It was awesome!

The only bad news is that Abe san is soon going to move to Saigon so I won’t be able to hang out with him anymore. Boo hoo! I guess I just need to find another even cooler boy friend rite? Go Cathy!

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