It’s raining, it’s POURING!

Boom boom boom cackle crack flash flash…..That’s me imitating the thunder and lightening that accompanies the rain.

THE RAINY SEASON HAS STARTED! Let me tell ya, when it rains here, it goes on and floods the streets. I had to walk 50m from my door in about 6 inches of dirty rain water and by the time I got out of it, my pants were soaked. I didn’t ride my bike to work that day b/c I just can’t ride in conditions like that but ppl here say that cycling is beter than motorbiking in that weather b/c the rain can get in the engine and stop the motorbike altogether! What’s nice though, is that after a couple hours, it stops and everything dries up b/c it’s hot here. So this one day of nasty rain made me want to buy boots but I haven’t actually had anytime to look for them yet….Why you may ask….keep reading 🙂

But the weather here is dramatic and I don’t want too much drama in my life, but I SWEAR, DRAMA LIKES ME!

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