Halloween 2

Hey guys,

We had a belated Halloween party b/c everyone in Danang was in the midst of preparing for a SUPER typhoon (DN gets hit by 12 per year of varying degrees) and so everyone was buying candles and noodle packs around Halloween and no one felt like partying on that night.

Anyway, the Vietnamese don’t celebrate Halloween but the ones who have English class with American teachers do. BTW Australians don’t celebrate it either.

Because the first HW party ended up with me consuming a bit too much alcohol, l laid low during this one. But this one was hosted by an amazing dynamic American couple who are business people by trade but also teach English at the university so it was semi-professional anyway.

And I had time (but no money) so I probably put together one of my more creative and cheap costumes. I was a CAT. Get it? heheeehheh or meow meow meow! I wanted the students to catch the joke so I wore a CAT-hy necklace, make a catface mask and animal ears that kinda look like pig, deer, cow, or mouse ears but everyone got the point. My favourite part was my tail which was made out of little balloons.
hallow2 friends 002

This group of students is particpating in a program where they will go to Maryland to study for their 3rd year, I believe, in economics at Towson University. I wish them the best of luck!
hallow2 friends 006

  1. That’s supposed to be a tail?! At least you found a better use for your arm-length gloves 🙂 Oh yeah, I should tell you that your most recent entry on Vietnamese Lessons has typo in it. So much for editing, sister. What did you do at CGA again?