Animals in my life

I don’t know why and I never expected animals to be smthg to mention on this trip. However, I can’t get away from them.

1. I was victim to bat droppings when I went to church. I wouldn’t even know what hit me if my friend hadn’t pointed out a couple days earlier that a bat frequently occupies his balcony and leaves him lovely little piles everywhere. At least I was wearing a jacket!

2. Rats are definitely not mice! As I biked home yesterday night, I could hear the rats running around in the grass and then a couple darted out on the street. As I was pedaling, I just hoped that one wouldn’t brush by my feet….Then I saw a bird swoop down (and I was thinking: strange, a seagull!) and grab one of these long-tailed rats in its claws and then I realized that it was some kind of predator bird flying around and hunting for its latest meal. By then all I could hope for was that it would not drop the rat near or on me….ewwwwwww!

3. Geckos squeak or caw or something like that. What I thought was birds chirping is actually geckos (inside my house) calling. I don’t mind seeing them on the walls occasionally but not in my room. And the tiny ones (1-2 inches) are kinda creepy.

4. Mosquitos, nets and rackets — In the village, I was always so grateful for the mosquito net under which I took my refuge at night. It was the only time that I would be sure that none of them would get to me. (In fact, as I type, I’m pretty sure some are under my desk chewing me up right now.) Then I was introduced to the mosquito racket which would shock them on contact. Now, I’m not one to kill insects but when they attack you, you must react. My aunt bought me a racket to bring back to Danang and so far, it’s been very useful. However, even after I spend 5mins zapping bugs in my room before I go to bed, while I sleep, I hear buzzing and wake up with new bites. I kinda feel like this is their revenge for me buying this mosquito killer. Maybe I need to mount up a net in my room in Danang….

I just want to be left alone but the animals and bugs just won’t go away!

  1. Anh on

    Yes, the mosquito zapper is an awesome thing to have! Just don’t try zapping yourself… apparently it really hurts. I still like geckos and didn’t know they made noise. I guess I’ll pay more attention the next time I’m around. I hear the rats in Hong Kong are larger than cats, so I hope they’re not that where you are. Back in Vancouver, it’s actually snowing overnight and it’s hovering around 0 degrees in the morning. Aren’t you glad you’re not here for that?

  2. Junella on

    Mosquitos? Not fun! I can’t say I’m looking forward to that part! 😉 Take care