Darkness …. and children :)

Actually, that’d be me. I am really Vietnamese b/c my skin tans even when it’s cloudy and now I’m really quite dark and I don’t want to be but how can I stop when it’s hot again?

OK so that’s my rant for the day. How are you?

These days in Danang are a jumble of work, waiting, and what’s another “W” word I can use?

Well, today I spent the afternoon visiting a Street Children Project home and hanging with the kids. I believe I spoke more VNese than I have in awhile and I was forced to use a different vocabulary set, one that I don’t really have….I learned the words for drum and stilts and badminton. The kids were quite nice to me although I just met them, and so I was pretty pleased that they didn’t ignore me. I didn’t quite know what to expect but it was fun. They can say a couple phrases in English so they were practising on me too. Of course, they mocked my strange VNese accent (like a foreigner of course!) and we shared a couple laughs. I hope that I have some time to visit them again in the future. Apparently, this group loves to head to the beach, so we’ll get along just fine 🙂

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