Relating past events part I, Mekong Delta

OK so I’ve actually returned to my old ways which basically means computer avoidance! Who am I kidding, I was never a slave to this machine and even though I’ve moved to a more exciting place, I’m still the same girl who doesn’t like to spend much time online. Perhaps, this is partly due to my old laptop but still….. All this means is less updates but I’ll aim for once a week.

Anyway, I’ll have to move backwards to catch up.
My internship semi-ended quite informally in mid-March. I went on a quick trip to the Mekong Delta outside of Saigon afterwards to officially mark the end and also to see another part of Vietnam.

The minute we landed in Saigon, it was like stepping into a new world of options! We ate at a vegetarian restaurant that we just found on the street. It just emphasized the fact that what may be a struggle in Danang (cool places to eat, meeting ppl) is gloriously available in Saigon. (This seems to be the lesson of my life as I try to live in and like Danang.)

Back to the trip: the pics explain it best but the Mekong Delta region is known as Vietnam’s rice basket and you do see lots of rice in various stages: with husks, toasted, in kernels, ground into flour etc. We visited a few huts where ppl were making coconut candies, rice paper, rice krispie squares and nibbles on the various offerings. I did NOT go for the snake liquor but many did. In the Mekong Delta region, field rat is a specialty but somehow, I just didn’t feel like it. My colleage had some and it looked a bit like quail. Some travellers will go for the snake, rat, frog, dog, buffalo, or horse dishes but I’ll stick to tofu, chicken, burgers and pork thanks. 🙂

soft and chewy goes down easyrice mill

The floating markets and the ppl’s use of boats and the river as their main area of living and transportation was quite interesting to see. I’d love to come back here and do a motorbike trip through the region….but I’d need some brave travel partners to accompany me….maybe a thought for the future?

hustle, bustle in the morning!

  1. this type of floating marketing can be seen in south part of india especially in kerela where people used to sell item.. and the pic in this article is also quite near to the reality of life