Another camera-less adventure

Seriously, I’m an idiot.

Went back to Bana Waterfall yesterday for a hot Sunday afternoon cooldown and it was awesome. At the base of the falls, it was like a whirlpool and the water was so fresh and clean (B4 everyone left their trash everywhere) and man, I need to go back for pics. It was smthg like Lynn Canyon for you Vancouverites but with warmer water.

It’s only 40km away and a great retreat from the Danang routine. I’m also on a safety kick these days and so I had on my rusty motorbike helmut and sturdy shoes and was promptly rear-ended on my friend’s bike. But I was ok 🙂 And that confirmed for me that safety is not to be overlooked!

So I’m definitely preparing for my bro’s trip to VN by being adventurous and getting out of the city on motorbike. I have to be a guy’s tourguide so yes road trips, beer and sports and no to shopping and massage. I can do it!

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