Daily life

Howdy ppl!

I feel like I definitely live here now. Today after work, which I love already, I walked around and just felt like I knew what I was doing. My VNese is finally remarkable better and I have a job and friends and my bikes so all is quite good.

On Friday, I went on a site visit to learn more about some of East Meets West’s current projects. I went to the handover ceremony of a water tower and the opening of a new school out in the provinces which was fun and really different. Met some kids, spoke tons of VNese and chilled with new colleagues. Today work got a bit busier–have 6 reports and 1 proposal–but I think I’ll adjust well. And I get to go to Saigon for work too Yipee!

So looks like I’ll have a busy next couple of months cuz my bro’s visiting, a couple good friends are heading over and I have a real job again! Then I get to go home to my blueberry picking and sunny Vancouver!

Lately, I’ve become active again. Since I traded my basket bike for a road bike and bought a spiderman helmut, my life has been much healthier. Doesn’t hurt that I happened to meet a crazy active Korean who does all the sports that I used to do (rollerblading, skiing, cycling) but at a competitive level. So we bike together and he has lights for his bike so we can go at night and now I’m waking up at 6 and biking and swimming with his roommate and boss at 6am! This is def smthg I should’ve been doing for a long time b/c even though it’s early and I work at 730, once you hit the water, it’s so worth it! And I’m going to bring my rollerblades to DN and then it’s going to be even better. Yeah for health! This way I can be slim again b4 I get back to Van.

  1. I was just thinking that too – but Spider Man was one of the last things I thought you’d have on your helmet!