The weird stuff you miss–FOOD

Man, I just had the best meal!!!! Pork chops! Seriously, I’ll save you the “glories” of the VN meat market and I’m talking about beef and pork not hot ladies and guys ok? It’s not something I want to take pics of but basically meat is on sale in the streets, in the markets and chopped right in front of you…no fridges and lots of meat juice flying. It’s not smthg that Westerners are really accustomed to.

Anyway, I found CHILLED pork chops wrapped in plastic and not leaking juice in a small grocery store and was sooooooooooooooooooooo thrilled. I tell you, I have not seen a chicken breast w/o head or feathers for a long time and same goes for pork. Usually it’s in big chunks so this was a huge find and I took advantage.

I’m actually turning into a good cook b/c some of the best meals we eat are the ones we prepare ourselves. It’s hard to find Western food like salsa and ribs and mashed potatoes and well, sometimes, you just gotta have it. The other days we toasted taco shells in my awesome TOASTER OVEN and it was just a perfect meal. Homemade tortillas, salsa and guacamole with imported taco seasoning = mmmmmmmmmmm!

I love the fruit here — rambutan and delicious mangoes (so cheap) but I want blueberries and cherries and peaches and I want to eat pie!!!!

The seafood is definitely a huge perk in DN — yesterday, 6 ppl ate shrimp, squid, clams and fish for just $40, with beer!

I want dumplings!!! Once my roomie and I made gyozas but I want Chinese steamed dim sum with red vinegar! But I’ll prob head to HK or China soon so I’ll get my fill.

All this does not mean VN food isn’t good: I just miss variety and Greek salad and spinach dip and Burger King…Actually I think I should take pics of the food I eat here to give you a better idea. Tomorrow my friend’s making VNese cuisine and maybe that’s a photo op. Then I want to make lassagna!!! OH yeah!

  1. Junella on

    Sounds like sooo much fun – glad i’m coming to visit! Have a good time with Michael =)