Chilling out is over

G’day mates!

Today is quite a sad day b/c I have to finally end my waiting period and start working again. Boo but yeah since I’m excited bout the the job.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been relaxing, teaching one hour a day, going on bike trips, hanging with friends, and really, enjoying myself quite a bit. In the last week, I went on a tailor-shopping extravaganza, choosing way too many fabrics and having many clothes made for pretty cheap prices. Seriously, I must have 20 items in the works! I also just bought or rather, traded in my one-speed basket bicycle for a 21-speed road bike. Honestly, I didn’t know what a difference gears would make but this is a real bike! It’s fast and now I feel like I can bike Monkey Mountain and to Hoi An no sweat! I’m so happy to have a quality bike as well! It’s grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

But this life couldn’t last forever. I couldn’t just spend money, hang out and drink bubble tea (oh yeah, I just found a shop and have been obsessed for about a week). B/c sooner or later, I would need a job. And now I have one again. I start tomorrow and it’ll be quite interesting I’m sure b/c I’ll be working for a non-governmental org called East Meets West, which does development work in Vietnam, especially in the central region. I know ppl who work there already and they actually helped build the new building at the uni where the International Office is located so we’re old friends actually.

Today was my last day of fun, free time, and long lunches. Tomorrow I start at 7:30am!

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