Grocery store contents and issues

I bought:

–metal jello moulds for my muffins…no measure cups/spoons to be found!
–a cloth, air freshener, and disinfectant for my office….there’s a mouse or smthg that only likes my desk…how do I know: the chewed up food bags and droppings that it leaves behind! But no one else seems to have this problem! Oh whatever!
–milk even though I never drink any here

Three staff asked me if I wanted a basket, and they helped me find what I needed. Then at the checkout, this lady cuts right in front of me at the scanner…wow! And all I can do is give her a dirrrrrrrrrty look but the clerk takes her order….argh! IT’s the last thing you see that stays in your head!


You are not allowed to bring bags or purses into the store so you gotta check in everything…problem is that today, I had a laptop bag, helmut, purse w/camera, and a bag of mangoes, which I had to leave in my bike’s basket outside (risky). And then the girl, whom I see all the time, wanted to leave my items on the counter….as if they would be safe there when things get taken off ur motorbike all the time (another story for later)….She tells me that they’ll be taken care of, but I refused to go into the store until she put them away…and she actually didn’t want to do this…For one minute, I was thinking that if she didn’t put them away properly, I’d just take them into the store…but then I’d get thrown out and all this just for the taste of mango muffins that aren’t even muffins b/c I don’t have the tools…g’fab I know 🙂 So there you go, some daily Danang for ya!

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