Saigon sizzler!

Saigon in June w/JUNELLA—too much fabulous fun. I’ll let her explain in the posts to come but here’s a glimpse of my reunions w/SGnese buddies b4 she landed….

Highlights–cute clothes n shoes, cheap drinks, fun friends, familiar music, delish food, new aparts n houses to crash at, massage n spa stuff, not driving motorbikes, refreshing rain, French speakers, foreign foods (hummus! antipasti! Thai! Indian!) etc….

Boram's in heaven!gals on the townoh Borama, a cuddly Koreanbun cha ca!!! eat it!

On the list–rockclimbing, hip hop nights and lessons, exercise, networking, practising Korean and stealing friends’ clothes 🙂

She’s only been here two days, not even 24hrs but has already:
–motorbiked and held on tightly
–been in awe of the modernity (buffet brekkies, cool bars, hip clothes)
–met more than 5 new ppl including interesting and cute boys (I’m a good friend.)
–spend $100 US on bags and clothes (I just showed her ok…no forcing going on!)
–wore beautiful clothes cuz her suitcase was delayed/lost whatever
–made me happy 🙂

lipglossed galsmaking friends
Just some charming lovely kids who walked into my life via East Meets West….so cute 🙂

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