Vancouver upkeep

Going back to a place where you’ve grown up shouldn’t be so hectic! But since I went to all school levels here and left wayyyyy later at age 25, I have to meet up w/oodles of noodles (peeps) and can you imagine the big giant bowl of pho I’ve brewing in this town….

So many ppl to catch up w/that it’s not possible.
More highlights include:

1. Grease the musical at theatre under the stars in Stanley Park….61 yrs in production…first ever for me….still need to do Bard on the beach

Grease at Theatre Under the Stars, Stanley ParkCee cleaning hoovescute fly maskclassic cheesy UBC shot from library cubicle
2. Horseback riding…yeehaw! I cannot cross my legs or walk today….but I am appreciative of these lovely creatures w/personality. They try to eat treats, don’t listen to directions and wanna run for it! Horses are great…who’s gonna buy me one?

3. Speedboating — after a disappointing LUSH party (we didn’t win the prize basket), we hopped on a v.unsafe boat chase at a beach in Richmond w/o lifejackets or seatbelts and found ourselves at a v.secluded beach patch where 2 Nammer bbqs were taking place. It was bouncing harder than a rapper’s pimped out ride! Dee’s hot $300 sunglasses fell to the floor but we still got ACTION pics…I’ve got a backload of like a million photos to upload! Then chowed down on crab n chicken wings! Yeah!

back on the boat but peacefully this timespeedboat bouncing

4. Food n lil Asia 🙂 Richmond rox! If ever u wanna have an Asian fix but find urself in N.America….just come to Vancouver and you’ll be satisfied. I had my fave all-u-can-eat sushi w/raw oysters and then hit the night market….it was so great. Bot some Korean drama series DVDs, ate dim sum at nite, bot blingin hats like the ones in TYO, got cheap trinkets and bags made in China and met some Asian boys! How does this all happen in my hometown? Well, just FYI, Van is not a town where Asians are lacking! And it’s great for curing all Asian cravings…stinky tofu, kim chi, bubble tea, green tea n sushi, cheap Honger eats, congee, egg tarts and all the other artery-clogging goodies that I love and miss. Hot n sour soup is the bomb! But I can still do all this while searching BSB’s new song on youtube! Yipee!

Richmond night market: bags n boys

5. Campus peace n pimpin! My old school UBC has changed so much in the past year! It’s got a spaceship-y hockey arena under construction for 2010 and all these new and $$ restos. It’s weird and interesting as I sit in my fave old dark oak cubicles doing work in places where wireless was not accessible not too long ago….strange to be at a place which you thought you knew only to have it change….I’m gonna stay at Koerner til it closes…just like in my student days.

food court munchingour fave sushi stop: Tokyo Ichibanstrategic eating plan...this is after the sashimi

6. Eating and drinking: basically I have this mentality “chomp, whoosh, gurgle (but no burp!)”
I have been stuffing many things down my throat….like bellinis, fresh berry cocktails, spinach/7-layer/artichoke dips, many types of chips n salsa, frozen delights (dinners n perogies), sauerkraut n sausages, fresh west coast salads (honey dipped pecans, thai noodle, mango salsa, chevre n spicy chicken, tomatoes, olives etc.), lamb although I’m not done w/this one quite yet, pasta (like the homemade red wine/tomato mushroom risotto of last week), burgers n ribs etc….I will work out later…maybe in November I think!

Too many things to come: Garibaldi, PNE, new friends and drinking adventures coming (Sarah!), bdays, packing, flying and crying!
Once back in VN, things won’t cool down so I’m in and then out….

ttys I hope 🙂

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