Danang update

And I’m back….after a month or so outta here, I’ve returned to Vietnam.

First impressions on the way back:

–Danang is really beautiful and so many things have changed in the time that I’ve been gone…so much new construction and actually, I didn’t recognize several roads…3 shades of blue ocean and hot weather greeted me home.

–My house is great…so peaceful and empty and clean (when I’m not around, that is!) and I have an awesome roommate. It’s been v.easy to get back into the swing of things.

–This HEAT has made me start up my anti-tan campaign. I got semi-burned after a walk on the weekend and my arms turned several shades browner…I was not happy! So today, I pulled out my gloves, thin cardigan, baseball cap under helmut, Japanese leg warmers and VN toe socks and drove to work absolutely covered except for the face mask….I just can’t put it on! Ironically, what is mean to warm legs in other countries are used by me here to combat the sun….so funny but so Danang. I should take a pic but it’s kinda humiliating….

Back to work and my quiet life. It’s soooooooooo different from being home but alas, there are perks including lots of reflection time and warm pool waters and affordable resorts. However, I really hope I’ll have a motorbiking or cycling friend who will magically appear.

ttyl 🙂

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