Today in DN

Another one of those monster bugs came my way….into the office flew a huge ol’ bat….to me that is! Turns out that it was a huge butterfly the size of my palm (yes, w/long fingers included) that liked to hover near my head and hang upside down…so how was I to know it wasn’t a bat? Inconveniently, my colleague was outta the office so I had to fret alone…I can’t help it, I ran and beckoned s/o else to help shoo it away and yes, I did scream…c’est la vie pour une fille nord americaine…I’m just not used to these kinda things flying INTO an OFFICE!

  1. Maybe that beats the squirrel that came through my friend Vivian’s office at UBC and proceeded to go on a rampage and also leave some droppings. Or maybe not.