IT’s POURING and I’m snoring :()

I’m not really…I just tend to sleep a lot.

I don’t think that I have been in Da Nang long enough to really experience the RAIN that one expects during the rainy season. Last year, I was in Saigon when Typhoon Xangsane blasted through the central region and this year, just last week, I was in the US when Typhoon Lekima struck.

So I’m still not accustomed to long, heavy rains but that’s what happened in DN yesterday. It rained for maybe 12 hours straight! I kid you not and it was noisy…..and the windows and bathrooms were leaking and we had a couple buckets collecting water and we moved our appliance cords off the ground just in case rain puddles formed.

What does this mean for one’s normal life? Well, for me, it means that I don’t want to go outside. I have a weather knapsack with rain jacket, boots, umbrella, and hat but I don’t have a helmet with a visor so vision is highly questionable and of course, a sopping wet face isn’t brilliant either. Now I miss cars and buses immensely. Motorbiking in the rain is no fun but alas, for those used to this kind of weather, they don’t seem to get all worked up about it. For the Canadian foreigner with laptop and purse, on the other hand, it’s almost paralyzing. Wah wah, I know, I sound like a baby. I don’t like to get my feet, or my stuff, wet. Is this an opportunity to conform? Hmmmmm….

Amazingly, it’s still not cold when it pours and the streets aren’t all flooding….this means that they must have major sewage drains in all the main areas of town. I know some alleys have to be overflowing and I imagine that in rural areas, fields and houses must be flooding. To think that this is “normal” and just a regular, annual occurrence! People ride their (one-speed) bikes in this weather. They still sell fruit in the streets. OK, I really am a wimp!

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