I wish this could come out better, but I’m starting to feel it again.

It’s all about perspectives rite? Sometimes you can be up or then down, and I’m the ultimate in bouncing around in life…

BUT when it comes down to it, why should one be down? Say NO!
Refuse to lay low and just trudge along.
Don’t just take it, make it!

Soooo that’s my goal for this second year in Vietnam. I want something to happen. I want to accomplish. No misery, less complaints, more results! One year = 365 days to use

PS Very trivial: Gotta say, those Lush massage shower bars are really quite moisturizing! First time I’ve tried them and well, I’m sold.

  1. Junella on

    hey i totally agree! luv junella
    (btw something is causing the text on the homepage of your blog to show up at the bottom of the page)