Hue & the hot springs

means little blog action!

hahha usually I don’t have life and I’m not so ashamed to admit it. Year 2 is a lot more introspective and not about the par-tay.

Here are the note worthies of late:

1. After months of desire and a bit of fear, I actually drove a motorbike to Hue….unexpectedly the encouragement came from my roommate who drove all the way (108km) without breaking a sweat. The funniest thing is that we got soooooooooo dirty and didn’t notice until we looked in the mirror in our hotel room and saw army faces (streaked w/dirt) staring back at us. It took a bit of scrubbing to get that off us. Motorbiking is dangerous on highways and def something I wouldn’t necessarily recommend for the faint of heart….I had thoughts of death as we whizzed by humongo trucks with treacherous cargo (logs that didn’t seem so securely fastened, pointy sticks, buses with motorbikes stacked on top) and even with a helmet, it’s not safe. Motorbikes do not have seatbelts….Highways in VN have villagers, cyclists, students, cows and water buffalo, unsturdy and uber-polluting trucks, and other motorbikes as obstacles that can turn an afternoon’s ride into a stress-filled but still very cool adventure. We saw an 18-wheeler (ok maybe it was smaller) transporting Coke toppled over on the side of a mountain (part of the Hai Van Pass) with Coke streaming down and local residents (who came from who-knows-where since there aren’t houses on this mountain) collecting cans and milling around. Def picture worthy (sorry!) but we didn’t stop or have the sense as we passed to fully take in what was happening.

muddy n dirty on the way to Hue

2. The point of the trip was to visit nearby hot springs (35km from Hue) since we were all sick of the rainy weather in Danang. SCORE! Good for a getaway and a soak with friends…bad b/c even in the “winter” I get tanned.

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