An indoor garden

Doesn’t it sound like a great idea? A peaceful and calming indoor garden…. actually, I almost got one FROM THE DIRT which resulting from my moldy dresser! I have a moist room which is a bit challenging to deal with (dehumidifier, mosquito repellent plug-in, incessant clothing and shoe washing), but I had no idea what really was going on behind my dresser. All I knew was that my clothes were moldy and wet. Turns out that the entire backside was corroding away and creating a fine black dust that probably would have been delightful in a real garden. Unfortunately, the scent of musty soil doesn’t work so well in my room, and the presence of multiple types of mold really doesn’t cut it for me. At the moment, my clothes are all stacked upon my bed (probably molding even more now that they’re out in the open) and I am waiting for a repairman to replace the “wall” of the dresser. Initially, my roommate and I thought we could wipe the wall and sweep the soil/mold and scrape the rest off, but after our cloths became thick w/sludge, we decided to call it a day. Ahhh the life in the “wet” room. My roommate has the sunny side but she also has the cranky roosters and our volume blaring, always repairing neighbours who wake up at 5am in the morning. I’m just thankful we didn’t find any worms or spiders in the moldy compost/soil!

Just for the record, here’s what’s moldy at the moment:
– my eyeshadow brush
– my wide leather belt (was brown but now has a nice greeny white spotted pattern added to it)
– my glasses cloth
– my straw bag from Japan…I tried to “burn” off the mold with the heater…didn’t work 🙁

Obviously, the next moldy thing will be me!