Cathy in the city!

Tis me and I’ve just moved from Danang to Saigon and let me tell you, it’s been a long time coming! The weather is much more agreeable and I’m just thrilled to be here 😉 You won’t ever see me complaining b/c I just can’t……

Here’s the dizzy tizzy that I’ve just been through:
4 HEAVY bags on an airplane…I got my fave gal, Cathy (motorbike), on the train and we’ll be reunited tomorrow…I wonder how she’ll cope with SGN….

My dad called me CHEAP which propelled me to buy a new cell phone. Twas true that my old one kinda super sucked and was dying since last year but I just didn’t want to buy a new one. This new Nokia is pink, not my fave colour, but it was b/w rose and black and all that know the real Cathy know that I can’t do plain Jane practical and that I must use some pizzzzzzza….no, make that pizzzzzzzzzzazzzzzzzzzz! = pizzazz (c’mon laugh!)

Vernon and Cathy say I’m not funny! Vrai ou faux?

My dear pal Mimi organized a PARTAY to celebrate my move among other things and it was so much fun….It’s been absolute ages but I had a terrible post-party hangover…I’m still not all recovered and it’s been almost 24 hrs but I did meet new ppl in my new city and reconnect with old pals and dance around and have fun and just realize how gosh darn lucky I am to be doing my thang in Ho Chi Minh! Woot woot!

Big hits of the last day:
–found my hip hop class and it’s taught by a Canadian Viet Kieu (overseas)!
–Backstreet Boys…who else do you turn to for some comforting classic hits?
–FRIENDS…I feel like I have a million and compared to my previous (sad-ass) existence in DN for the last couple of months, it’s true!
–street food rite outside the house!!! OMG! This beats my old evil neighbours and funeral parlour hood by a thousand-fold! Hoang thanh = wontons and noodle goodness accompanied by Dijon mustard? ????? ????? Whatever!
–my FRENCH SPEAKING landlady! I think after paying some serious dues in DN, my life in SGN is rocking and I’m reaping some mega benefits…yea for blessings and this whatever comes around goes around kind of phenomenon that’s happening to me rite now  There are mountains and valleys in my life for sure and Sgn is a lovely high for now.

Seriously I could go on and on but I won’t….
Last words: MY DAD ROX; MY MOM’S IN TOWN SOON; and my sisters forgot the new music for me in Vancouver. It’s ok though cuz I’m getting some more LUSH!

Yayayayyayayayayayyayayayayayaya! Luv u!

  1. Oh no I didn’t! I slipped it into mom’s luggage. It’s hidden in her clothes for padding, so keep a lookout! In the same large suitcase that contains all your other goodies.

  2. Dammit, Mom removed the CD from the luggage! What is wrong with that woman? It takes very little space, and she has room for a gazillion boxes of chocolate and cans of spam! That’s right – old nasty spam.