Me at the present moment, pt II

5:50 pm, Nha Trang at La Louisiane

Do I have to continue to shout it out: N.Trang is seriously one of the best spots in VN!

I’m going to attempt to write a short entry for once.

dark-ish, poolside, smoke n pasta vapours circulating around me…just had awesome fish n chips (minus the chips for a salad sans tomates 🙁 !!!) and 6 raw oysters w/a soy-wasabi-lime sauce

foreigner to VN nationals ratio: 7:4 with a quick look around

stomach kinda sickish, due to smthg eaten yesterday, outfit cute and summery (yah HK!) but this is the coldest I’ve seen N.Trang in the past two years

Mom in the village; me attempting to work in NT
To combat Tết blues (it’s like hanging out at Christmas in a place where everyone knows each other and no one knows you), I brought a couple books and a flashlight and pretended I was reading at camp at 9pm when my family goes to bed. It worked: I read, thought, looked at my GRE book, and even skimmed my VNese lessons.

Must have: EARPLUGS esp. in the village
tonight: going to Guava Bar although I don’t really no anyone but met the DJ and owner briefly (both from Vancouver randomly enough), looking forward to sleeping in a room w/o the snores and village raver music and church bells chiming at 4am 🙂

6pm: lanterns just went on round the pool
im taking pics w/my 2 megapixel cell camera and so we’ll see how the quality goes….

La Louisiane poolsidemy daytime appetizerpoolside camera testinglanterns at night

Being N.American, I can eat raw seafood then fried fish and then cake and then down it with beer and not think that it’s weird or gross….(I am not good w/choosing for food for soothing my stomach.)

OK bye for now. (Please excuse the bad grammar; I can do better!)

  1. Mmmm… those ersters look good. Just like the ones we had at Chieu Anh Hai. Wasabi + soy sauce = good without the black bean paste, please 🙂

  2. can’t believe u can remember names of places! c’est impressionant!