God gave me energy

Hola! Anyone who knows me knows that I am hipper hyper, supa duper, well, happy/annoying, depending on if you like me? C’est vrai and I know since only ppl who know me read this, basically you agree.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Soooooooo I was wondering how pestering I am to my buddies since I easily fall in love (in a platonic way), get obsessed almost daily, am fiercely loyal (14 years and growing on Take That!), and am an expert stalker of all things….including U!

Perfectionism doesn’t play into my being since I am a klutz and a perpetual wannabe/poser and well, I do live in VN so it’s kinda hard to be perfect and it’s unimportant when there’s ppl begging on the street who have been badly burned etc.

lady frying bananas for a living to get her kids in school...each piece is 7 cents!

It’s so not about me and so for this teeny piece of knowledge, I am thankful.

What are the gifts God gave you? What’s in your being that keeps you up and moving along in your life….

For me, I move a lot…in terms of geography, ideas, speech and I am BIG on change…In fact, one could call it somewhere flighty, scatterbrained, ditsy wah wah wah but all that is given to us can be a gift. In fact, I can’t find the exact verse but I do believe that all is good in time…

So what are we doing that is “good” and how are we using our gifts? I’ll be the first to admit I’m selfish.

me hanging in Tokyo

So to squash down the “I”m so cool” vibes, I volunteer my time to others and work in humanitarian aid so that even if I feel selfish, my work forces me to think about others. And I use my crazy energy to spend personal time with as many friends as possible. So wanna hang? I’ve available from wee in the morn til wee at night 🙂

ENERGY can be annoying and unhealthy. My doctor friend worries I don’t sleep enuf. But once I’ve had 4.5 hrs I start thinking and thinking and thinking and then I get up. Then I chat w/friends, work on reports at all hours of the day and make cookies to give to ppl.

PB cookies anyone? vina style!

I totally see a roller coaster in life but we make progress, grow, and love and that is IMPORTANT TO ME. So love to hear from you…thanks for reading and if you are hungry or chatting, call me? Let’s talk. let’s hang 🙂

Hugs, bises, oodle-canoodles! Luv, Cathy

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