Chiming with blessings :)

One year ago, I was living in DN, a place that made me sad after one year and four months of seeing friends move down south to sunny Saigon.

Then it was my turn! Now I’m all sparkling with city life and friends and woo hoo I love, ummm, like EVERYTHING!

The cockroach wall: they don't like floods either!Bridge in Phu Quoc on a solitude-esque day

Despite the monster bugs (ants, spider nests, rats, geckos, giant moths, cockroaches etc.) and the noise and rain and MOLD, I love living in Vietnam, especially Saigon.

Cathy (moto) in the floodsLunch = shrimp, worm, buggy like seafood?

These days, one year after the rainy nights stuck like Rapunzel in my ratty (literally) office with no friends to hang out with, LIFE IS HIGH IN THE CLOUDS and I doubt there’s any reason not to be 🙂 and chilax it!

Top ten (really just ten good things!)

1. Awesome studio complete with kitchen, toaster oven and balcony
2. Social activities galore (live music, cheap airplane travel, hip hop, NGO networking)
3. Friends I can count on (ppl to make me laugh, stylish chicas, ppl who like to eat!)
4. Skyping and its cheap options to stalk like EVERYONE!
5. Meaningful Christmas carols like JOy to the World and O Holy Night which speak truth dear to my heart
6. French and Vietnamese and Korean and all the other languages out there…sorry Anglophones!
7. Motorbikes and the impatient convenience of the cheap lil bike avec basket!
8. Working as a consultant who keeps crazy hours…..:)
9. Housemates who clean my messes w/o making me pay them 🙂
10. The elderly!

Thanks be to the Creator for this amazing journey of life that has ups and downs and things we cannot understand but if we seek, we will find marvelous glories that were intended for us in the first place. 🙂 🙂 🙂