I cannot think straight

Me blog is rejected as I have facebooked too much and now monsieur bloggy is upset and neglected and I am experiencing writer’s blog block/guilt.

Ok whatever! I like to write but hate to post pics cuz it takes time but here goes. I noticed that successful bloggers have pics and care what they write and they also think about the stories b4 they post. This segment is a blurb that’s just spitting outta my mind.

My parents and another young couple in loveGorgeous flowers by the river, Ucelet, BC, Canada

Thanksgiving….I like sharing what I’m thankful for b/c there is oodles to be happy and smiley about and if you are feeling blue, well, shake that head of yours and think of your blessings…My happy thoughts calendar says smthg along the lines of “count ten blessings before you even start your complaints” and usually if you get through ten happy things, well, the one negative just disappears or does not seem so important anymore….

So here’s the list:
1. Saigon living: peace and activity…a random mix to be balanced but I am sooooooooooooo blessed to be here and enjoying the sunshine and the fruits and ppl who are trusting and gentle.

2. REAL friends: from afar and near they are here in my life whether in person or online, I LOVE MY FRIENDS! High school, FB, colleagues, church members, brothers and sisters, teachers, baking buddies etc….it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to have ppl around 🙂 Oooooh and I cannot forget the household pet TURTLES (one’s an albino and I have to show a pic soon!)

3. FREEDOM and material WEALTH: these two are iffy as in too much of a good thing can be bad for us and I see this in that I love to express myself but yet I don’t want to spend so much moola doing it. However, the freedom to think and talk and evaluate and pray and write and read and sleep…..I LOVE TIME! And with wealth, if it comes your way, how you use it will be your legacy…it’s ok to have money even lots of money as long as you use it to do good and for me that means charity, donations, feeding ppl, gifts of all LUSH-ious sizes and intl text messaging. I don’t mind spending to tell you that JE VOUS ADORE!

4. TRUTH IN GOD: I love reading the Bible and learning about God’s plans for his people….I am experiencing peace and faithful revival. Yip yip yip!!!!!

OK toodle-y noodle-ies! Bye but I’ll be back! Je ne crois pas que c’est deja le premier decembre!

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