Mmmm Bop at the HANSON concert!

What 2 do w/three girls and three boys who are all about the same age as each other?

The WALK with Hanson!

That’s rite, peeps, go to a concert together…So what if the boys are famous celebrities and are the awe-inspiring Hanson brothers? And so what if the gals are three Nguyen sisters who are very accomplished boy-band stalkers? It was like a triple date for us…yes we know they are married and we like them just as brothers….And so what if we clawed our way to the front (third) rows so that little Celly could touch Taylor’s hand? IT HAPPENED and we are sooooooooooo thankful!

The Hanson Brothers

Ten years after MmmmmBop, aren’t they all grown up and cute? And awwwwwwwwwesome-r if possible!

Twas all good 😉

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