A new mandate :)

Nobody has noticed I’m sure….

But I have written less in the past few months. It’s because I have had issues with blogs in general. I don’t want to be narcissistic and I feel blogs are. So I stopped.

However, maybe 2 people in this world read this thing (thx Anh and Michelle) and I wanted to keep it up sorta…as long as it isn’t about me much. I mean, I have connected w/some Gary Barlow fans and have received 2 job offers through the blog so I figure why not continue rite?

So I am changing direction. I won’t be posting too much personal stuff on this cuz it’s just freakin’ weird to have out in the open like that. Also, if you are HR and you’re looking on this blog, I don’t want to be ashamed of anything I’ve written. I am not fearful of what you find here so it’s fine but it’s still strange to think that ppl who don’t know me mite read this stuff….

To continue writing, I have to change my style. So the blog will now be about YOU, not me. I will raconter mes histoires mais avec le but de t’aider. What I’m saying is that I will bring out useful lessons if I have any. This blog will not be for gloating purposes anymore. I WANT TO BE HUMBLE. The goal is to help and if I don’t, then I will quit!

So here’s to a better blog that is interesting and useful. Like my blogmaster’s, he’s sooooooooooo awesome! NOT ABOUT ME BUT TO HELP AND BE A POSITIVE PIECE OF BLOG ONLINE.

OK, I wonder if anyone cares….I think I almost prefer if you don’t 🙂


  1. hmmm, I hope I’m not narcissistic… thanks for staying connected and reading my craziness. seems to be a million angles to bloggin’… something for everyone.

    you’re in my prayers tonight,

  2. I think a blog page is for transfering whatever’s on one’s mind onto prints and share it with the whole world. It’s good if it benefits others along the way. Write anything and everything beneficial.