I’m back (ish) HOME, HOME, HOME!

True that I’m back….

— In HCMC/Saigon/home in Vietnam, working at EMW etc.
— At my apartment with the best landlady in HCMC
— In true lazy Cathy form, not knowing where my keys, bank card, rent money, shoes etc. are!
— Eating and having to cook for myself (1st insect attack just occurred last nite which isn’t bad since it’s been 3 days….)
— On the phone, Skype, FB, etc. with all my friends outside of HCMC….miss u tons!

BUT I’M NOT BACK on my motorbike b/c I want to pretend that I’m a tourist here…if anyone has a car that they want to lend me (with chauffeur), I’m down 🙂 HCMC is dirty and I am just not up to driving in this dusty, rainy, exhaust-pipe mania yet…..

TRAVELING: not overrated but less exciting when one has been on 26 trips in one year!
In the past 6 weeks, I’ve been to SFran/Oakland, USA; Vancouver and surroundings, British Columbia (my province), Canada; Hong Kong for a dim sum delight; and back to Vietnam. I won’t go anywhere for the next 1.5 months I think and then it’s off to the races w/a trip to grams in Nha Trang; work stuff in Danang, Tokyo for sushi, pocky, and friends; and oh CANADA for Christmas! I am blessed with flexibility in my job and so I am totally thankful…I AM NOT UNGRATEFUL.

CIAO for now and mucho smoochos! Pics to come peut-etre!

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