Sabang and the underground river

Hola! Here’s me and Nina before heading into the caves.

So this is the largest, supposedly, underground river in the world and it’s about 8km long…it also snakes along in a dank cavernous setting where we could hear and sorta see over 40,000 (supposedly again) bats hovering overhead and try to create images of limestone formations in our heads. It’s located in a national eco-park which also has trails.


Somehow, as I look at these pics, I somehow still prefer the beach but hey, adventure has its place on vacay too right?

So here’s another shot of fun in the sun:


I must add: I realize that this year, there was no avoiding of a tan, but it will always be my goal to be pale and I strive for it while resisting all chemical skin whiteners…that stuff still freaks me out 🙁

  1. michelle on

    pale skin is bogus.
    that’s right, i’m bringing that word back. BOGUS.