Myths and Manilla

Now I don’t know what you hear but I don’t always hear praises about this city. But hey, one’s got to try to know right? And well, my experience was uber duber coolness. 🙂 I had a great time and could’ve stayed longer but only had 2.5 days or so.

In the briefest form possible, this is what we did:

SHOPPING–all girls have to check out the scene especially if in a city with massive mall culture 🙂 And that’s what you find here–connected malls which good, cheap wares. I only bought one thing which is quite something for a former crazy consumer.

Buko/coconut pie anyone?Yessssssssss!

EATING–I was traveling with foodies so they researched and I ate and ate and ate…good times and you know what, Filipino food is really great. Warm, steamy, rice-y, stewy meats, and good garlicked veggies…but since it’s in Asia, the deserts needed help but that’s typical here.

Then we split up. We didn’t have a fight but we had little time and different priorities. So Cathy (the other) and Vernon headed to a foodie market; Nina went to Intramuros, the old walled city; and I opted for the Chinese cemetery.

views from the top: Tagatay

Now I’m not gory but I find cemeteries to be a great place for peace and exploring. When I lived in Paris, two of my fave places were Les Catacombes et la Cimetiere Pere LaChaise which are basically places for the dead. Really good tourist spots if you’re interested….
OK back to Manilla, the cemetery was huge and had house-like graves and resting places. I had a glimpse in a nearby Catholic cemetery and it was the same thing: humungo structures that could house living creatures as well.

NOTE Filipinos love their music and they’re good at it. I heard remakes of Kung Fu Fighting, that Soulja Boy song, and others that were half in English and half in Tagalog and I was loving it 😉

So selon moi which means in my honest opinion, the city was rockin 😉 Go on and visit!