Backload of trips! First comes the Philippines!

For one who is much less visual than wordy, I have stumbled upon a type of writers’ block: I am too lazy to write. NOT much of an excuse for one who keeps a blog and hopes that ppl read it….these days, I’d be surprised if I get any hits so thanks once again for stopping by!

It’s August, actually 08/08/08, 888 today which could be why the Chinese Olympics start today? Coincidence? Hmmm!


But I digress. I can’t write much so I show pics…When I’m writing, then I don’t want to post pics but here, let me do one or the another and then eventually, make proper posts with both.

We went to Manilla and then Palawan. But before any city sites, let me show you the beaches in Sabang. Oh and btw, I went on the trip in July, actually over the Independence Day holiday which I get b/c I work for an American company! Yippee!

Investigating Padam Islandthe elusive padam tree or an DSCN8737DSCN8745

The point of this post is to show you the various blues that the water here takes…I LOVED IT!

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