Two weeks later–DN and home renovations ALMOST complete!

I’m still tired. 2008 has been a crazy 8 year for me. So what happened in DN after all? I played house: I finally bot materials for my curtains and although I wanted a turquoise-ish colour, I ended up with a foam/sea green instead…..I’m so excited as I’ll receive the new curtain tomorrow afternoon 🙂 Yipee!

AND I bot my lamps, all five of them! Now my room has lost its dingy, hospital green-yellow tone. It has ambiance!

When I go back to DN for work, I never get to do all that I hope for. I rarely go to the beach. I don’t eat all my fave snacks. But I always manage to slot a few Cathy-joys in.

This time, I had lunches/means with my fave peeps: Korean avec onhi Hye Jong, fruit shakes and yummy Vnese avec Amy W., Mediterranean in a new resto avec Marie-France, Cargo Club pastries avec Melissa and her mom by random meeting, and delicioso thit heo cuon banh trang avec Nam, my Vespa-driving colleague! I sat on the back of a bicycle with MF (wobbly and exciting) and crashed at my pals’ pads.

I love this girl:

brekkie at the Ha An with Amy!

I went to church at the DN International Fellowship which was uplifting and so welcoming and also bit sad as they said goodbye to some of my fave peeps who are leaving for the USA….and I would’ve had lunch and pool-time w/them as well if I hadn’t gotten s-i-c-k! Too much AC made fresh-breath spray an unlikely remedy. Good times were had as I was gladly back in Danang, a home in my past. And I was able to make plans to see my peeps again in a very short timespan. I’ll be having a mini-retreat in Mui Ne w/Amy and seeing my onhi off to Korea etc.

Visitors, vacations, random thoughts, and reports await… this blur of a year, I can hardly keep my head straight! Pics to come once I stop procrastinating!

  1. junella on

    woot your curtains are almost ready! 😉 i’m sure they’ll be fabulous.

  2. Anh on

    Five lamps?! I hope they’re not all in one room :p