Off to see the wizard…nah, going to Danang!

I have a 6 am flight. Now that I’ve missed one before, I am NERVOUS! But all will be what is it meant to be, AMEN 🙂

Another buffet and me resulting from a missed flight? I LIKE!

This meal was a result of missing a flight: not exactly punishment but you know….

Ahhhhhhhhh! So I am excited actually! I can’t wait for some beach action and good times with dear friends of mine 🙂 It’s just a short lil trip: 3 days BUT 3 good friends in one place! Non, ce n’est pas vrai: en fait, c’est faux: elles habitent dans 2 endroits, DN et Hoi An. But who’s counting? Whatever! Yippee!

If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll go to Bana and chill out at the waterfalls. If not, I’ll just buy my two lamps and teapot accessories and watch Narnia part II.

OK attendons-nous les resultats! Oooooor at least, I’ll be waiting to see what’s up in DN 🙂

ciaoness! Quick question: who else out there loves Korean dramas and KBS? Sooooooooo good!

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