But of course, I was kissed in Paris!

When I lived here, on my first day in the city at the Eiffel Tower, I met a man who was nice to me. As I was naive, I was just happy to be speaking French. Long story short, he attempted to kiss me and as my French was in need of improvement, all I could say was STOP/arretez Monsieur!

And somehow in that year, I was a target for boys who also just tried to kiss me, tongue and all sometimes, even after talking in a bar for like 20 minutes. Needless to say, I was traumatized for the most of the next year and all my time in France.

OOOhhh l'Academie francaise, that's where they decide on the rules and standards of the French language :)

So I’m not that young anymore and nobody was gonna get that close to me this time…..but then I met a Algerian-French family aux jardins des Tuileries (gardens) and there were three adorable children. The lil 4-yr old was running and catching pidgeons; his older sis was chasing him; and I struck up conversation with the dad and Myriam, the 6-yr old.

–Hi, what’s your name?


–Don’t be shy. I just want to practise my French.

–How old are you? Tu es tres belle.

–Thank you! No, you are very pretty. I love your curly hair 🙂

–(She smiles bashfully.) You like curly hair? I like yours, black and straight.

Her father interjects, “Cathy is from Canada where your aunt and uncle live, but she lives in Vietnam right now, a country even farther than Algeria…”

–We’re going to Algeria tomorrow, taking a train then a plane!!!!!!!

Meanwhile Sammy and Nours chase birds and other park visitors sleep, take in the sites, and partake in other delightful conversations.

OOOOHHHH and it was MYRIAM and her sister, Nours, who kissed me this time, and on the cheek 🙂
They were the sweetest girls and family, just taking a park break before strolling les Champs Elysees! Now that is a stylish family outing, isn’t it?


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