Paris: part II :) Hey anglos, it’s friendly here!


Bref, I lived here in 2001-2 for school and it was def a learning experience.

Coming back after eight yrs had me thinking: what will it be like? Can I still speak French? Will they be nice to me?

Soooooooo despite the everlasting rep of the “difficult” French ppl or Parisians, I found them to be kind, helpful, and cute AND they are speaking English (willingly).

The streets are QUIET and cleaner than before…as in, dog owners pick up after their pets and actually French doggies gleam with shiny coats that even I, a drool hater, want to touch!

Not so many strangers tried to “befriend” me in that odd French “pick up” style and I haven’t heard too many suggestive “bonjour mademoiselle” as I did in the past.

All I can say is that I AM TOTALLY IMPRESSED§ §§§!!

There are motorbikes, bicycles, baguettes and artists galore!

Like Patrick Bruel sings: “Paris je t’aime…..” It’s a good song!

these guys sure brighten up one's day :)look closer and what do u see? a pho shop :)

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