European posts: First off, PARIS!!!!!!

Wow, it hasn’t even been a full day in Paris but I feel quite alive!!!! Despite this keyboard which will make editing more difficult, la vie parisienne est tres tres belle!

Now if only I could concentrate on work instead of speaking French and dreaming of fresh apricots; soft, Tunisian almonds still in their shells; and all the other Asian products they have here like miso soup in a packet and the Rooster chilli sauce which is a Westernized version not found in Asia (me and Duc “zee artiste” did a quick tour to pick up stuff for lunch)….I’d be in much better shape professionally but alas, that is a “downside” to being a traveling, freelance editor 🙂 — Waaaaayyy too many distractions abroad!

I’ll give myself five more minutes. I’m staying with a friend of a friend and he lives in the 12th quartier and is VNese and is sooooooooooo fun and open and welcomed me with a jovial laugh when I called him up. He’s an artist working on his PhD “en beaux arts” who paints diligently by day…I’ll take a pic of his work in his studio–a meticulously neat room. He is not the stereotypical, wild and messy artist that one sees depicted in movies. And he keeps all his “tableaux” under his bed. I will get to see them later and will prob be the first person to post them online for the WORLD to see :)))))))))))))

Now for those visual ppl, here’s a pic of me and my fave gal, Marisa, in London, the first stop on this tour… pics in Paris just yet!

Mmmmm cider! Luv camera timers when no else's around to take ur pic:)

Mmmmm cider! Luv camera timers when no else's around to take ur pic:)

OK overall post on FRENCH keyboard took 15 minutes! Ciao and lots of love!!!!!!!!!

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