New discoveries: HCMC

Well, in the past couple of months, I’ve been blessed with time to relax and do things that I ordinary don’t do when I’m taking care of editing deadlines.

If you know me, you’d know that I don’t need this stuff to be wired. BUT the Vietnamese love it and man, it can be GOOD here!

Here’s my ode to TRUNG NGUYEN…it’s so much more delicious than Highlands so please go there and check it out! I’m beyond grateful to my pal, Ilya, for this heads up….afterall, TN has a second floor that’s smoke-free and that’s pretty much UNHEARD of in VN….love it!

Math permutation time: If Cathy and Julianne have coffee at Trung Nguyen while preparing for the GREs, and there are five types of coffee blends to choose from and each can be ordered without milk, with condensed milk, or with fresh milk, how many days can they do without ordering the same type of coffee? Since I’m now done with the test, I’m NOT going to go through the steps to find the answer! So there GREs! (Maybe s/o is just a teeny bit bitter!)

BTW I’ve been going there for a couple months and I’ve not yet tried all the combos of beans and milk! IT’s AMAZING!

Numero 2:
Walking? I’ve tried to walk from my house to the downtown area…it’s 1km or so but the sidewalk can be pretty treacherous…however, there are payoffs. I was able to find a German restaurant that I had heard of for a loooooong time b/c I was actually walking slowing and observing what was on the streets instead of whizzing by on the motobike. I got some more exercise and my calves actually hurt which is a good thing 🙂

Numero 3: Actually SEEING scenic, VNese sites

I was able to see ppl on a boat piled high with bananas heading to docks where local merchants bought them to sell in the markets. I assume these bananas came up the river from the Mekong region. It was cool to see as I was walking over the bridge near my place. My mind is drawing a blank on other sites rite now, prob cuz I’ve been blogging for awhile, so I’ll stop and resume later…this year I promise!

merci et a la prochaine!

  1. Hey Cathy,
    I decided to look on your old blog to see if you were still in Vn — and what do i see? The blog is still here, and so are you!
    I will write an e-mail to you at EmeetsW with specific Qs, but will comment here that you are obviously still the ‘Wow That’s Fantastic’ girl.
    Oh, and Dalat? — great place to freeze in the summer in Vn. I’m with you, give me the beach.
    I love their Eiffel tower though. But hate their artichoke tea.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    C’est Céline du nouveau bureau de CGA à Burnaby. C’était génial que tu sois en visite l’an dernier pour te joindre au pique-nique. Aucune idée où le site sera cette année.

    J’ai regardé ton blog et ton talent pour ce genre de choses et toujour en évidence. Ton aventure avec la grosse araignée était drôle.

    Reste en contact avec Kim, Ellle te donnera les détails. J’apprécie beaucoup ton blog.

    Salut et à la prochaine ma belle.